How to choose the best happy hour spot

Happy Hour is a very important custom in our culture.  People conduct business, network, catch up with old friends, commiserate with coworkers or just blow off steam during happy hour.  So how do you choose where you want to spend your much deserved free time and your hard earned money?  First, location is key.  How is the parking and how far do you have to walk from your parking spot to get there?  Anyone who’s been downtown during happy hour knows this can make or break your night.  Secondly, what kind of a crowd are you looking for?  Are you looking for a nice quiet place you can sit and relax or do you want a rowdy bar with pool tables or live music?  Next is the most important, happy hour specials!  Everyone wants a good deal and plenty of bars will give you great prices on drinks and food!  Check the bars website and or Facebook for their daily deals.  Lastly, you want to be appreciated with great staff that is friendly, attentive and happy to make your night.  Nothing is worse than having a server who obviously doesn’t want to be there.  If you follow these happy hour tips, you are guaranteed to have a great night and hopefully wake up the next day a little more relaxed and ready to do it all again!!!