Have you checked out a concert at Fish Head Cantina yet?

Fish Head Cantina is Baltimore’s BEST concert venue and here’s why:
-We are an indoor/outdoor venue. On nice weather days you don’t have to choose between being outside and seeing a killer band.
-We have the BEST food in Baltimore! Whether it’s sushi or pub food, you can’t go wrong with our food!
-We have plenty of free parking! We have a small lot out front, however, just across the street is a huge warehouse lot with over 200 parking spaces for your use!
-You can get up close and personal with the artists! No miles between the front row and the stage!
-If you want to just kind of chill, there’s plenty of room in the back yard where you can still see the show but have some space!
-Due to new Baltimore County laws, our concerts are now 16+ with an adult/guardian until midnight!
-We have the VERY BEST bar staff in Baltimore! You will not find a friendlier bunch!
Check out our concert schedule today!