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Autumn is upon us come hell or high water!

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Now that Autumn is almost upon us, the mornings are cooler so my OLD BAY Bloody Mary stays colder longer. The afternoons are still sunny and warm though, which makes for a great time watching my favorite college football teams play pinball with their bodies while I hold on tightly to my Black and Blue pint o’ beer (how fitting, eh?). The chilluns are off to school so I can stick around here at the bar longer and hang with the folks while snapping back a few 16oz. Margaritas – fresh from the OASIS machine no less. We just got in a orange juicer to make fresh squeezed ORANGE CRUSHES, too….yummmmmy SOB’s they are! I’m going to hang on to that Summer breeze in the evenings as long as I can though – it’s my all time favorite time of the day in my all time favorite time of the year- because it still depresses me to think that I will soon no longer be able to hang out on our Garden Oasis Deck here at Fish Head and just relax and enjoy the company of my customers, the sweet alcoholic libations, and the smells of  my cook’s special of the day wafting out over us all.

Autumn and Winter are my favorite times of year to drink good dark draft beers and oakey, aged scotch or bourbon. Don’t exactly know why that is, but it seems to give me a better frame of mind seeing as I really, really HATE to be cold!   So bring on my beloved RAVENS, my alma mater TERPS teams, the English Premier League soccer matches, my stinky sweaters, my comfortable lounger in front of a tiny ass flat screen TV – it’s all good in the end, because I know Summer will come again and life will soon again feel as light as the beach sand tightly packed up my ass! Now that’s an image you probably didn’t really need to think about at this juncture, did you? Fuck if I care…